When Beauty was Currency

Hi, I’m Sara 🙂

I write poems. I write rubbish folk songs whilst strumming my guitar. I do a bit of yoga. I would like to be healthy but I actually quite enjoy junk food. I am Irish but England has adopted me.

That’s enough about me. A poem would make a better introduction…

When beauty was currency


We weren’t friends because
she swore and sometimes
smoked on the school bus.

And my mother was aware of her,
had seen her by the local park,
sussed her out from the length
of her skirt.

“Her mother was wild too”,
she remarked.
“Went with half the boys in the village”.

“She must’ve been pretty”,
I said,
twirled my mousey hair around
a bony finger,
pinched a little fat on my thigh.


So I
read the Brontes in my bedroom,
collected obscure CDs,

followed a career path,

never bought a mirror for
my lounge.



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