I wish that I could draw…

I wish that I could draw


because I could show you my work and

you wouldn’t question what it meant.


A charcoal figurine with lavender eyes

would be admired for its form, its contrast.


Little feet and large swollen hands and

you wouldn’t even question my perspective.


It is art- things are meant to be distorted

and wrong and upturned.


You wouldn’t say; “Why are you sad?” or

“Where have these thoughts come from?”


because you’d know what is produced comes from

pent up creativity that has always been there,


or maybe just the lead of a pencil

and a moving hand.


How to stop eating

(I often write about past experiences- I find it a therapeutic way to process things that have happened, to take what I need from that experience and discard what I don’t need. This is an ‘I don’t need any of this’ kind of poem. It may read as ‘advice’ but in reality, it is a warning….maybe even a reminder, that withdrawing from others and concealing your thoughts is something to question. Why don’t I want other people to know about this? What am I hiding? Sometimes the answers are scary but at least they provide clarity and something to work through… 🙂 )

How to stop eating

Swish a little milk
around the inside of a bowl.
Drain the dregs down
the sink.
Do not rinse.
Place on the kitchen side
in full view.

At lunch time say,
“I had a big breakfast”,
At tea time say,
“I had a big lunch”.

Strategically place
an empty crisp packet
in your car,
some sweet wrappers
in your handbag.

Drape an oversized
jacket around your frame.
Layer jumpers underneath
for warmth, comfort
and pretence.

Repeat daily.
Do not cause a stir.
Silently perfect
the recipe.